A Quiet Passion


a-quiet-passion_poster_goldposter_com_1The thing about this two-hour biopic on the life and times of Emily Dickinson is that you will get a sense of life in Amherst, Mass., between 1830 and 1890 for a hermit/poet from a substantial family. “A Quiet Passion” is beautiful, and its slow pace reinforces the pace of the life she led. As she progresses through Dickinson’s life, Cynthia Nixon recites passages from Dickinson’s poetry, much of which is obsessed with death.

I was surprised to learn that only eight of her poems were published in her lifetime, though two thousand works survive. She made it her practice to write from 3am until dawn each day. The only poem I recognized was “I’m Nobody.”

Cynthia Nixon is terrific. The filming, including a process that ages individual characters, is interesting. There were times when the cinematographer puts you in the room by slowly circling the room. Dale was crawling out of her skin.

Doug Anderson



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  1. I was somewhere between Doug’s appreciation and Dale’s crawling out of her skin. Cynthia Nixon was indeed terrific, as was Jennifer Ehle.

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