A Visit to NYC



Reporting on NY through the eyes of our seven year old grandson. He says:
The carriage ride through Central Park was fun and the white horse was friendly. I patted his nose. The carriage was new and clean and man who took us around named Ian was Irish and very nice. He had a beard and twinkly eyes and was outside the Plaza.

We went to the Central Park Zoo and my favourite thing was the puffins.

They were cute. The Penguins were great but I didn’t like the boa constrictor, and anyway he was sleeping. We saw some bears. They were big. We went into the tropical pavilion we saw many species of birds, bugs and monkeys but my mother and grandmother complained that their hair was getting ruined from the humidity so we left. We had lunch at Burger Heaven on 48th street and though it smelled a bit like cooking oil, the hamburger was good. It was big, too big and my grandfather PAPI finished it, plus my French fries, which I call chips because I am British.

The next day we went all the way downtown to a huge tall building that is called the One World Freedom Tower. The lift (aka elevator) was amazing and when we got to the top I went right to the edge and looked down at everything and I loved it. My grandmother has vertigo and was clutching the walls and looked like she might faint, but I loved it and didn’t want to leave. We stayed a long time and I saw everything. My grandfather has smart phone and I kept track of all the different directions on his compass.

We had lunch at the Battery Park Cafe at one Batterie Park and I had a hamburger and it was better than the other one, but so big that again my grandfather had to help me. The fries were good.

We had a great dinner at a restaurant called Antonucci one night and I had a huge bowl of pasta. It was crowded and my mother and grandparents and their friend loved it. They drank Cevaro, which PAPI says is the best Italian white wine. They drank a lot and then we had three terrific desserts including tiramisu and tartuffo.


Bubble Show

I have been to the Bubble show on Times Square, the M&Ms shop, Lego shop, Nintendo, Dylan’s Candy shop, and the Mathematics Museum, as I love numbers. I got a cupcake from an ATM machine. Wow. We took a ride on the Carousel in the Park. One night we ate at a brand new fancy restaurant in our hotel, the Lowell, called Majorelle. I had fish fingers but I like the English type better. They are bigger. My family and their friends loved the garden room and they laughed a lot. I ate most of my grandmother’s steak, which she called steak oh poivre. I loved it and didn’t leave much for her. They all drank a lot of lovely Pinot noir.


Chinese Tuxedo

Last night we went to Chinatown to Chinese Tuxedo, a very noisy restaurant, and had lots of spring rolls and pork buns. I played Angry Bird on my I pad the whole time. Everyone else ate lots of funny things, mostly duck, which I liked, and then we called a Uber car and all went home. The grands and their friends went into the cute cosy club bar in the hotel and I went to bed.

My last day I am having lunch at Shake Shack. I hear the burgers are great. My grandparents visited a wonderful food market in Grand Central and bought me three chocolate bees, not real bees but they look like bees. I recommend NYC for children but frankly needed more park time playing soccer. NYC ten out of ten.

Kaaren Hale

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