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Her last name is Deutscher, but this British 12-year-old has already reached the pinnacle of show business: one-name status. Alma. She is, and always will be, Alma. She’s clearly sent from heaven, this epitome of both joy and talent. Since the age of three, she has been a multiple musical prodigy — composer, pianist and violinist. And perhaps equal to her talents is her exuberance for life. You just cannot believe that anyone can be so happy to be alive and to share her gifts with the world.

She was profiled on 60 Minutes last Sunday. I can’t imagine that any viewers  saw it and didn’t immediately contact all their friends to tell them about it (as I am doing now). Below are two videos, one from 60 Minutes, and the other from 60 Minutes Overtime. The first is a profile of Alma, the second is musical stunt. But what a stunt! Moderator Scott Pelley randomly draws four notes from a hat, places them in a four-note sequence on the piano, after which Alma then creates and play a remarkably rich four-minute composition built around that four-note sequence.

BTW, her opera (yes, opera!)  “Cinderella” will be presented at Opera San José  in December.

Ben Rosen


First video: 60 Minutes Profile of Alma


Second Video:

4 Responses to “Alma”

  1. Thank you Ben. Four minutes of ALMA on an otherwise “complicated” day is just what the doctor ordered. What a treat.

  2. What a happy surprise! Thank you, Ben. Take that, Avenging Angel.

  3. Sorry, Exterminating. (But what’s the difference?)

  4. Years ago my cousin sent me a clip from Israeli television featuring an interview with incredible piano and violin performances by Alma, (including a spontaneous Mozart- like composition). I think she was six years old then or younger. We were stunned by her poise, maturity and incredible talent. The interview was conducted in English and Hebrew and she was fluent and comfortable in both.
    She hasn’t lost her charm, her enthusiasm or her innocence.
    Thank you Ben.

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