American Psycho


american-psycho-4-artworkI didn’t expect the major critics to like it, and they didn’t. But the mostly youngish audience was with it from the moment serial killer Patrick Bateman (Benjamin Walker) steps out of a vertical tanning bed in a cloud of smoke, to the beat of electric pop music. This stylish send-up of 1990s consumerist culture doesn’t aim to elicit a lot of emotion, and our antihero goes about ridding society – at least in his own mind – of people he judges the world doesn’t need. His tools range from axes to nail guns, and blood flows freely … or does it? His wish as he blows out the candles on his birthday cake: “I wish … to fit in.” Director Rupert Goold (King Charles III) adds energy to the choreography by Lynne Page, scenic design by Es Devlin and costumes by Katrina Lindsay. There are funny bits and songs mixed in between the gore. (RATING: Not approved for anyone over 35.)

Dissenting report: Ellen found it gratuitously ugly, without any redeeming value in the story, music, dancing, or writing. No stars from her.


Ken Roman




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  1. Oh my. As we are going to be in NY in May, Dale already got seats. Hmmmm

  2. The more I think about the show, the more I like it. A brilliant send-up of consumerism in the 1980s and 1990s — with an interesting plot twist of did he do it … or not. A fresh, stylish production. Ellen remains stubbornly negative.

  3. We saw it tonight and the crowd, as it was the night you went, was mostly 35 years old. Dale liked it more than I did but I found it an entertaining evening. Would I hasten to spend $300 for two seats, nope. Did I mind that we went, nope. I’d say “it was fine”. Dale would say “it was very good”

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