American Rust


9781742374772“American Rust” by Philipp Meyer is a novel version of “Hillbilly Elegy.” Meyer writes with compassion and insight about the disappearing and desperate Rust Belt blue-collar life. “American Rust” came out in 2008, so here are a few lines to show how prescient a novel can be: “And one day, even that work would end and there’d be no record, nothing left standing to show that anything had ever been built in America. It was going to cause big problems. He didn’t know how, but he felt it. You couldn’t have a country, not this big, that didn’t make things for itself. There would be ramifications eventually.” Meyer doesn’t go on to explain what fascism is but then again this is just a novel. It’s a very good novel, in fact, although I still like “ The Son” (2013) much better.

Nicole Charbonnet


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