An Act of God


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The Bible tells us that God made man in his own image. However, when comedians take to the stage or screen to play God, they create God in their own images. George Burns was a likable, wry, eternally old man in the 1977 “Oh God!” (plus sequels). Jim Parsons believes that if Sheldon Cooper is funny as a nerdy, all-too-human know-it-all, he ought to be a riot as the Omniscient Omnipresent One.

And, being God, he is, of course, correct. As you read the quotes and one-liners on the posters outside Studio 54, you worry that you’re in for a dull evening. But as recited by Mr. Parsons, the lines sparkle and soar into the comedic firmament, propelled by masterful timing and drop-deadpan delivery. Assisted by his “wing men” — the archangels Gabriel and Michael — Parsons cuts mercilessly through America’s religious and social mores, scoring a string of belly laughs from the audience.

Get a ticket while the show is in town. Eleventh commandment: Thou shalt laugh thy ass off.

Phil Neches


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