What’s best about “Arrival” is that it’s playing at Cinemas 1 + 2, so you can buy a very comfortable reserved seat and eliminate the stress of when to arrive. A friend sat in front of us and when we got up to leave she was sound asleep. Dale gave me a few sharp elbows to keep me awake. Amy Adams is appealing in the part of a professor of languages. When aliens arrive on earth, she is taken by helicopter from her home on a lake in Montana to the site of the spacecraft, with the thought that she might be able to interpret their language. The script is a jumble. “Close Encounters” it ain’t. If you’ve got cabin fever and need a couple of hours away from home, “Arrival” is fine. Otherwise, I’d pass.

Doug Anderson


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  1. Did you ever figure out what she said to the Chinese General? It’s a puzzlement! Slow going.

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