Art Basel Miami



I am predisposed to spending a few days at the Art Basel Miami fair, not only because some of the galleries bring museum quality works of art but because I run into people I don’t get to see at other times during the year. This year’s show did not disappoint. Dale’s taste is more edgy than mine and her comment was that the dealers were “playing it safe.”

On the other hand, Design Miami (2 stars) seemed not to have been curated. Half the dealers brought wonderful material, the other half did not, and the work screamed at each other. We spent a half hour in the room and fled.

Parking became a problem this year due to construction in the area and we learned that Uber Miami gets 5 stars, not only for having a million cars in the area but for pricing — only 1/3 the price of a yellow taxi (everyone was talking about this).

I think this was ABM’s 15th year. Time flies.

Doug Anderson


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