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Every time we go to the Atlantic Grill with our friends, Deane and Howie Zimmerman, we say the same things. “What a terrific restaurant, we always forget to come here,” or “Every time I come here, I think of Jim McMullen’s…I wonder whatever happened to Jim,” and “Being here amongst a casual crowd of upper east-siders our kids age makes me feel like I felt 25 years ago.”

The Atlantic Grill is a terrific restaurant. The last time we were there we had fish. Last night, we had more of an Asian dinner, crunchy spider roll followed by dumplings – yum. It was actually surprisingly good.

The staff is terrific, our server was great (which is what I said the last time we were here many months ago). I guess we have to make a reservation for dinner in July.

Doug Anderson


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  1. Funny, the photograph shown is for the west 64th Street branch of the Atlantic Grill and we were there last night after theatre. It’s a great place for a late night dinner as you can choose small plates or large and we think the sushi is wonderful.

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