Attack on Nantucket


5761In Thad Dupper’s debut techno-thriller “Attack on Nantucket,” terrorists target the family of the US President, who likes to vacation in the jewel of the northeast, Nantucket Island. As a worthy successor to Tom Clancy, Thad has the Mach-2 pace that keeps you turning pages. He takes us into the world that is Nantucket –naval aviation, submarines, covert ops and the idiosyncratic culture of the playground of the rich who don’t want to be famous.

As you read, you can almost see the movie adaptation screening in your mind’s eye. Casting recommendations, anyone?

On this warm February weekend, here is your summer beach-read pick. Available at Mitchell’s bookshop at the corner of Main and Orange, Nantucket — or Amazon.

Full disclosure: Thad is a long-time business colleague and friend.

Philip Neches


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  1. Just ordered (pre-order) from Amazin. Sounds like Vince Flynn’s “Term Limits”. Thanks Phil.

  2. Just received “Attack on Nantucket” and read and enjoyed. It’s a little wonky at times but a good read. Phil is right about this being the stuff of which movies are made.

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