Audubon Terrace Excursion: American Academy Invitational Exhibition, Charles Ives Studio and Handpulled Noodles


Don’t fret that the Hispanic Society will be closed until 2019. Take a trip up to Audubon Terrace (the 1 subway or the 4 bus) to catch the American Academy Invitational Exhibition of Visual Arts. The display of a number of interesting contemporary artists was selected by members of the Academy and is on view in their two buildings through April 9th. A mixture of styles and content, there are a number of standouts including a chapel-like installation of curious collages by Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt in brightly colored cellophanes and other media. Also, you can’t miss the wonderful assemblages of Pittsburgh artist, Vanessa German. Using dolls, skateboards, shells and other found objects, she has created satirical and politically savvy assemblage sculptures about the slave trade and the heritage of Empire.interior_solarte

The Charles Ives Studio, a permanent, endowed display (2013) at the Academy from the composer’s Redding, Conn., home, is lovingly recreated in another gallery with memorabilia and archival material, such as his disciplined schedule of a daily routine divided by half-hour segments.

IMG_4476Now, take a stroll down Broadway a few blocks, whistling past the Trinity graveyard, and cross over Broadway (148th Street) to a hole in the wall restaurant serving delicious and spicy fare at The Handpulled Noodle, 3600 Broadway. You have earned it!

Martha Fleischman

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