Author: doug Anderson

Party People

We were very much looking forward to seeing “People Party” at the Public Theater, as it was billed as a history of the Black Panthers on the 50th anniversary of their founding. How well we remember the ’60s. The show …Read More


It’s amazing how you can live in New York your whole life, know the name of an institution and know nothing about it until a chance brush with one of its programs. Last night, Dale bought tickets to “Wilderness,” which …Read More


Five of us had dinner at Tavern62 by David Burke. We were delighted to see David hard at work, everywhere at once, and it was obvious that he’s back in full-stride. Where once there was “Fishtail” there is now a wonderful …Read More

The Harvest

While Dale liked “The Harvest,” I hated it and tried to go to sleep to pass the time. The idea of spending an hour forty-five minutes in the basement of an evangelical church in Idaho with a group of young …Read More


Who knew that 75% of British women engaged in Special Operations during WWII divorced after short marriages? I guess the cause would have been called post-traumatic stress, had that expression been in common use at the time. David Hare’s play, …Read More


Lynn Nottage’s play is fabulous, yet… Nottage tells a story of quiet desperation. Okay, not so quiet. Set in Reading, Pennsylvania, we are a fly on the wall in a local bar where a group of friends hang out and …Read More


Last night, we had dinner with friends with whom we often wind up going to Indian restaurants. Our friend mentioned that she’d seen a review of Pondicheri in the New York Times and thought we should try it. Pete Wells …Read More

Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Consider buying tickets immediately as “Les Liaisons Dangereuses” only runs until January 22nd, and it’s going to be a very hot ticket. It is the best Broadway performance we’ve seen in years. Janet McTeer and Liev Schreiber are spectacular, and all …Read More

Underground Railroad Game

Normally, both Dale and I love things that start at Ars Nova, but tonight we had a split decision. “Underground Railroad Game” is set in a 5th grade classroom in Pennsylvania. Indeed, the members of the audience are the students and …Read More


  When we have a night with nothing to do, Dale and I like to find a movie that’s playing at Cinema 1 & 2, which has been updated to the most comfortable reserved seats in town. Last night, we went …Read More

Valentin de Boulogne

Last night, Dale and I were privileged to attend the opening of the Valentin de Boulogne show at the Metropolitan Museum. We were blown away. Neither of us knew the work and were stopped dead in our tracks over and …Read More

The Encounter

“The Encounter” comes to Broadway from London. Simon McBurney’s one-man play draws from “Amazon Beaming,” a book by Petru Popescu about National Geographic writer and photographer Loren McIntyre’s experience with tribes along the Amazon River. Inspired by these real events, …Read More

The Trial of an American President

Dick Tarlow has written a dramatic mock trial of former U.S. President George W. Bush for war crimes — and audience members get to decide if he’s guilty! For the first time in history, an American President is on trial …Read More


Sarah Jones is terribly appealing in her new one-woman show “Sell/Buy/Date,” inspired by the real-life experiences of people affected by the commercial sex industry. Through her multicultural characterizations, she explores an array of diverse perspectives with good humor. The thing …Read More

The Front Page

Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur’s “The Front Page” is set in the world of Chicago’s newspaper business in 1928. It is now open in preview for a limited engagement ending in January. The all-star cast includes Nathan Lane, John Goodman, …Read More


“Spamilton” is a brilliant spoof of both “Hamilton” and Broadway. It is well situated at The Triad, a 2nd-floor cabaret theater on 72nd Street just east of Broadway. There is a two drink minimum and the waiters take your order …Read More

Small Mouth Sounds

“Small Mouth Sounds” is a terrific off-Broadway play that actually started at Ars Nova that has moved to the Signature Theatre Company. We think it’s possible that it will make it to Broadway – if Circle in the Square is …Read More

Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812

On occasion, Dale and I suggest a performance we’ve seen that we think you might enjoy. Over the years, we’ve brought “Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812” to your attention. We first saw “The Great Comet” at Ars …Read More


Hershey Felder as Leonard Bernstein in “Maestro” at 59E59 Theater is a total bases-loaded home run. We first saw Felder when he did the life of George Gershwin and were blown away. Now he’s done the same kind of thing …Read More

15 East

We were taken to 15 East by friends who had been there before and liked it. We also enjoyed the experience. An upscale, somewhat minimalist Japanese restaurant with excellent food and service, it has a quiet atmosphere that we liked. …Read More

Le Coq Rico

We were told that Le Coq Rico is the ultimate chicken restaurant by friends who know such things. So we tried it out with another couple. We were all disappointed. We each ordered something different and I must say that …Read More

Avra Madison

Gone is the Copacabana. Gone is Rouge Tomate. Gone is gentility. With that, let me introduce you to Avra Madison, a gorgeous new large Mediterranean restaurant, brought to us by the owners of Tao. It’s worth stopping in on a …Read More

The Cecil

We ventured up to 118th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue for an exotic dinner in Harlem, and found the neighborhood improved and Cecil a lovely, wide-open restaurant run by engaging people. It’s busy and it’s noisy. The menu is “interesting” and …Read More

The Effect

Finally, we agree. Dale and I both loved “The Effect” and had pretty much the same read on it. Lucy Prebble’s writing is smart, accessible, flawless. David Cromer’s direction is absolutely on the mark. Stage sets are beautifully architected, spare …Read More

Fred’s at Barney’s

Whenever I walk into Fred’s, either for lunch or for dinner, I find myself singing “Ladies Who Lunch.” Surely, not because this is where “those ladies” would lunch. Fact is, Fred’s is a very good solution to lunch or dinner …Read More

Atlantic Grill

Every time we go to the Atlantic Grill with our friends, Deane and Howie Zimmerman, we say the same things. “What a terrific restaurant, we always forget to come here,” or “Every time I come here, I think of Jim …Read More

Second Suns

At our friend Donald’s 95th birthday dinner, his daughter Carol told the story of a phone conversation they’d had a few years ago. Carol has lived outside of Nepal for 15 years and needed cataract surgery. She told her father …Read More

Indian Summer

We generally like going to Playwright’s Horizons as we hear new voices and the theater is particularly comfortable. Last night was no exception, as Gregory S. Moss’s two-act, two-hour 15-minute tale of 16-year-old Daniel, left with his grandfather in a …Read More

Come Prima

We were introduced to this wonderful neighborhood restaurant by friends with who we went with last night, Nancy Olnick & Georgio Spanu, who live both in New York and Rome…and it was wonderful. I had asparagus and then salmon. Dale …Read More


We tried Lincoln when it first opened. We were taken by the architecture, but then found it a hassle getting reservations so we took it off our list. A few nights ago, friends told us that they liked it so …Read More

Quality Eats

We went to Quality Eats last night as it is part of the Smith & Wolensky/Quality Meats consortium and we figured that at least the steak would be great…which it was. Quality Eats is a quirky take on a New …Read More

Amazon Prime Fresh

Were I at dinner sitting next to you, I’d likely say “you know, the thing I like better about Palm Beach than New York is Publix.” I love Publix…and maybe it’s because I hate the so-called supermarkets in Manhattan. They …Read More

New York City Ballet: Dances at a Gathering

I went for the “West Side Story Suite” and was bowled over by “Dances at a Gathering.” I went for Bernstein, Robbins and Sondheim and was blown away by Chopin. Dale and I haven’t been to the ballet in 20 years. Shame …Read More

The Lost Painting

I don’t remember who recommended that I read “The Lost Painting,” Jonathan Harr’s 10-year-old story about the search for a lost Caravaggio painting. But I’m delighted she did. I remember very much liking “A Civil Action,” the other Harr book …Read More

The Art

We were just at the Denver Art Museum (Daniel Libeskind) and the Clyfford Still Museum (Brad Cloepfil) when we were told about The Art. The Art is a hotel in Denver that’s just around the corner and owned by a …Read More