Author: Eric Bellman

Sheep Station

Could any one not love “Sheep Station”, a sculpture installation at the corner of 9th Avenue and 24th street? Well, we can mourn the lose of a gas station I suppose but the whimsy of this installation of work by …Read More

Damian Ortega

Truly exciting sculpture! Twisted metal rods that look like they’re dancing in air. What makes the work wonderful are the shadows that are cast on the floor from overhanging suspended lights. One cannot separate the elements: light, shadow, form. 25 …Read More

Herb Jackson: Veils

  Currently at Claire Oliver, 513 West 26th Street (through October 19th), Herb Jackson’s paintings are pigment mixed with pumice, built up in layer upon thin layer that are then scraped off and smoothed, producing surfaces of rich luminosity. The …Read More

Studio Museum in Harlem — Robert Pruitt Women

A visit to the Studio Museum in Harlem [144 W.125 St.] is worth the while: “Robert Pruitt Women,” an exhibit of large mixed-media drawings on brown wrapping paper. All the women wearing striking outfits of traditional clothing with occasional odd …Read More

This Is The End

No doubt someone has told you to see “Frances Ha.” Tasteful, sensitive, great New York/Brooklyn ambience. You leave the theater pleased with yourself, satisfied that  intelligent movies are being made. Now go see “This is The End.” You will slink …Read More

Manhattan Art Scene

The must-see show is Jeff Koons’ “Gazing Ball” at David Zwirner, 533 W. 19th Street, Chelsea. Is it art? Who knows anymore, who really cares? It’s big and bold, sexy, witty and absorbing. Oversize classical-themed figures (mostly, some balloon critters …Read More

Really Really

Really? Yes, “Really Really.” They’re the brats packed into coffee shops hunched over the laptops. They’re the ones absorbed in texting in your way on the sidewalk. They are annoying, a mystery. They have good skin, gym bodies. I regard them …Read More

Shoe Obsession

An under-appreciated New York exhibition space is The Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology, Seventh Avenue at 27th Street. The current  show, “Shoe Obsession,” is curated by Valerie Steele and Coleen Hill. The installation is exceptional, well worth the visit …Read More