Author: Geoffrey Platt Jr.

News of the World

“News of the World” is a charming, often moving picaresque Western, with an echo of “True Grit,” but with an authentic plot twist. A 70-year-old retired army captain, Jefferson Kidd, makes his living in the 1870s traveling from town to …Read More

Quartered Safe Out Here

Sometimes, not often enough, one is delighted by a book previously unknown, but one that becomes a favorite, once read. Such it was for me with “Quartered Safe Out Here” by George MacDonald Fraser, the author of the wonderful Flashman …Read More


“1914,” by Jean Echenoz (translated by Linda Coverdale). A cousin of mine, very au courant on literary matters, gave me this book for Christmas. I had not heard of it, or its author Jean Echenoz, very well known in his …Read More

Lilyhammer on Netflix

The original Netflix series “Lilyhammer” is now in its third season. I was initially attracted to it by the premise. Steven Van Zandt plays Frank Tagliano from Long Island, a career mobster who, in exchange for ratting on a buddy, …Read More