Author: Kaaren Hale

Dover Street Market

There may be some of you who are heading here for the Silly Season: the Royal Ascot, the Chelsea Flower Show, the opening of the Royal Academy Summer Show, private parties whatever the weather in the Physic Gardens…etc,. And you …Read More

German Gymnasium

This huge freestanding building across the street from the renewed St. Pancras station and in the heart of what was the King’s Cross Red Light District, is an architectural oddity. It was London’ s first purpose-built gym and hosted many …Read More

Park Chinois

For any of you who are venturing to London this spring for the Silly Season it might be worthwhile to book now for the ultimate Chinoiserie experience in Mayfair at Park Chinois. I say Chinoiserie because our Western expectations of …Read More

The Night Manager

“The Night Manager” is a brilliant take off on one of John Le Carré’s later books with a new twist. Le Carré, a former British agent himself, knows where the bodies are buried, and the bodies accumulate along the way. …Read More


Last night my husband Charles and I attended the latest Royal Opera House production of “Tannhäuser.” Now we all know the overture…Ta da da da da da da dadada da duh…..etc. As the curtain rose, we see seated on the stage …Read More

Shopping (Bulgari) and Dining (Quattro Passi) in Mayfair

I am reporting from London this week on the Grand opening of the new Bulgari Showroom on Bond Street. As London is a destination for shopping, it is always good when there is a brand new boutique of interest. London …Read More


This week in London an extraordinary French film “Marguerite” opened. It is the story of madness, of obsession, of opera, and of love. The heroine is Marguerite, a middle-aged wealthy Baronne married to an impoverished aristocrat. They live in a …Read More

Boris Godunov

The world of opera is unique. For some it is an acquired taste; to others something lengthy and loaded with absurdities. And then there are those of us who attend as if acolytes of a religion. Last night’s performance of …Read More

Hail, Caesar!

Joel and Ethan Coen’s tongue-in-cheek Hollywood Cavalcade of movies made mostly in the 1950s, is amusing in parts. There is the Esther Williams character, a tough broad played by Scarlett Johannson, who must either marry or adopt her own child, …Read More

West of Eden

If you haven’t picked up “West of Eden,” a story of Hollywood, written or rather accumulated by Jean Stein (daughter of Jules Stein, the former ophthalmologist who became Hollywood’s most powerful agent), you must. Hollywood the dream-maker was invented by …Read More

A Bigger Splash

If you have not seen “A Bigger Splash,” the movie – nothing to do with David Hockney painting – do so. It stars Ralph Fiennes as a pop star mogul, manager, etc., whose greatest creation was a David Bowie-like pop …Read More

Boris Godunov

I attended the dress rehearsal for “Boris Godunov” at the Royal Opera House – it rates alongside with watching paint dry. We are opera lovers and have supported a large number of tenors and baritones in their performances. And have …Read More


“Youth,” with Micheal Caine, was very good. I have read many reviews and they were dismissive. My take was pretty simple. Paolo Sorrentino, the director, is immersed in nostalgia. Who isn’t at this point? Micheal Caine is an actor with …Read More