Author: Norma Klorfine

Diana Krall in Concert

My husband and I had a disagreement regarding Diana Krall’s age. He put her in her late 30s, but given her bio, I felt she had to be older. At 52, she is a beautiful and extremely talented woman. I …Read More

The Muses of Bashevis Singer

Having read many of the stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer, I really was looking forward to the film. All I can say is, who knew he was such a dirty old (and young) man! Born in Poland, to a family …Read More

The Record Man

Henry Stone backed into his life, from L.A. to Florida. From selling records from the back of his ’48 Packard, he edged into the production end of the music business, ultimately settling in Miami. He seems to have had an …Read More

An Apartment in Berlin

A film by Alice Agneskirchner, “An Apartment in Berlin” is a strange concept by a German filmmaker who seems to have developed a realization of the Nazis and extermination later than I would have thought. Three young Israelis, living in …Read More

The King and I

Ken Watanabe must be incredibly brave to take on the role of an icon. His voice sometimes was muddled. Occasionally his pitch was not perfect, but he created the presence of the King with strength and assurance. Kelli O’Hara was …Read More

The Audience

All the accolades already have been attributed to Helen Mirren over her long career. Watching her interpretation of Queen Elizabeth was riveting. Most amazing was her almost instantaneous transformation through Elizabeth’s varied ages as queen. It wasn’t just the wigs …Read More

The World of Extreme Happiness

  Tucked in the Playbill were a series of explanations about rural and urban China from 1992 to present.  My theory is if a play needs two pages of explanation and definition before the curtain is raised, perhaps it is …Read More

It Shoulda Been You

  If watching Tyne Daly and Harriet Harris, pulling out all the stops, parrying, and at the top of their game is what you love about seasoned performers, then this show is for you. The audience laughed on cue, sometimes …Read More