Author: Scott Corzine


For those of us who grew fond of Charles Masson’s welcoming home at Le Grenouille over the years, and who were less than pleased when family trauma caused him to exit the restaurant, life serves us up a helping of …Read More

War Paint

How does a great-sounding story — the epic competition during the ’30s through the ’60s between cosmetic pioneers Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden — and two renowned musical actresses — Patti Lupone and Christine Ebersole — end up such an …Read More


Director Atom Egoyan has disproved the notion that there are no new twists to holocaust themes with his film “Remember.” Veterans Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau team as aging and, varyingly, forgetful and scheming concentration camp survivors. Together they conjur …Read More

Islam and the Future of Tolerance

For those who did not read Sam Harris’ New York Times bestseller “The End of Faith,” you now have an even more compelling and accessible vehicle through which to understand one of the most important America intellectual voices on the …Read More

The Big Short

I wasn’t prepared for what turned out to be a theatrical documentary chronicling the sub-prime mortgage shenanigans that helped trigger the 2008 Crash. But I really wasn’t prepared for the convincing themes: a) that the sub-prime cabal minted money on …Read More


  The Academy once again has pulled a fast one on moviegoers. The notion that “Birdman” even remotely qualifies as an award winner seems preposterous after one struggles through this off-beat, Broadway-set angst film that seems determined to be the …Read More

Factory Man: How One Furniture Maker Battled Offshoring, Stayed Local — and Helped Save an American Town

As a native North Carolinian, I was attracted to this non-fiction piece by Beth Macy because it is set in southwest Virginia and northwest North Carolina where most American furniture was made and sold once production moved from New England …Read More


For those of us who don’t remember the bizarre story of two US Olympic wrestlers — brothers — this film sets it up well and, while unfolding somewhat lugubriously, provides a window to the motivations of the characters. The real …Read More

Big Eyes

Something’s missing in this film about a minimally talented (and blindly nefarious) mass-market artist (Amy Adams) and her unctious husband and agent (Christoph Waltz). Acutally, a number of things are missing. There is no chemistry between these married pop art-world …Read More

Bad Words

This comedy film never made it out of the starting gate, being neither funny, interesting nor compelling in any way. We gambled on its star –- the usually funny Jason Bateman. But we forgot that when the same person produces, …Read More


After garnering award nominations, we broke down and saw “Gravity.” In a nutshell, hardly a Best Picture or Actress. Compelling special 3D effects are the real calling card here. But the gratuitous “sexiest man alive banter” of George Clooney in …Read More

The Sound of Music

Color me sentimental and nostalgic, but I watched the original Julie Andrews/Christopher Plummer musical on network TV last night….and I’m still smitten. What an astounding collection of songs that are just perfect marriages of music and lyrics! Idealism, symbolism, foreboding, …Read More

Inside Llewyn Davis

This latest production written and directed by the Coen brothers may be less a shimmering gift than a tepid lump of coal. It features their trademark offbeat quirkiness, a rich tableau of unusual and enigmatic characters, and a gradually revealed …Read More