Author: Susan Rubinstein

Iván Fischer, Budapest Festival Orchestra, Beethoven 8 and 9

Beethoven is my classical music soul mate — so I can never hear enough of his music. It was especially interesting hearing a more traditional performance of the Eighth, since I also attended the Iván Fischer concert of the Eighth …Read More

Who Stole the American Dream?

Who Stole the American Dream?,  by Hedrick Smith. Before reading this book, I thought I knew almost everything about what caused the dramatic rise of income inequality in our country and the corresponding decline of the middle class. How wrong …Read More

Smith College Museum of Art

  Last weekend we braved torrential downpours to attend Susan’s Smith College reunion in Northampton, MA. The rain allowed us to spend time in the Smith College Museum of Art to see, among other things, “Collecting Art of Asia,” which …Read More


After reading a couple of the well-known reviewers, I went to see “Amour” with some trepidation. Lured by the promise of superb acting (which was certainly fulfilled), I anticipated a depressing, end-of-life story that would hit too close to home, …Read More


A new “upscale” Czech restaurant with unique, avant garde decor (that doesn’t absorb sound); unfortunately, the fare isn’t edible. The food received excellent reviews from all the usual culinary pundits, although after one meal, none of our foursome knew why. Almost every …Read More