Author: Thomas Lemann

Letter from Paris 2

Le Soufflé — a humble but tasty place specializing in soufflés of every description. Voltaire — pleasant spot on the Quai Voltaire, nice atmosphere, good kidneys in mustard sauce. Pré Catelan, chef Frédéric Anton.  Our best dinner in Paris.  Superb foie gras, …Read More

Letter from Paris 1

The big news from Paris is that it’s 10 degrees Celsius (50F) at the end of April.  But even so, the horse chestnuts and the fruit trees are in bloom, and there are plenty of tourists; the lines at the …Read More


This 2004 novel by Torgny Lindgren is a stark contrast with his “Sweetness,” a dark piece about two rival brothers and a housekeeper in northern Sweden. This review consists mainly of quotes so as to convey to prospective readers the character …Read More

Stucco Art

For a long time I’ve been interested in stucco art and the artists that made it.  Here are my highlights: Palazzo del Te, Mantua – Primaticcio 1531 Fontainebleau – Primaticcio 1534-39, 1541-4 Palermo oratorios – Serpotta 1685 off & on …Read More