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Gone is the Copacabana. Gone is Rouge Tomate. Gone is gentility.

With that, let me introduce you to Avra Madison, a gorgeous new large Mediterranean restaurant, brought to us by the owners of Tao.

It’s worth stopping in on a Saturday night just to watch the bar scene populated with tall, gorgeous 30-year-old women and the men who come to ogle. By the way, the food is very good and the staff tried very hard. On that subject, let me suggest that you order half what you think you want to order, as portions are large.

My experience trying to get a table should make my point. When I called to reserve a table for six at 7:30pm and was told by a snitty female voice that I could only come at 5:30pm. I was prepared to dislike them. As I live in the neighborhood, I walked in and met Ike, who said “no problem.” When they called to confirm our reservation, I was told by another snooty voice that all six of us had to be present to be seated and that if we all weren’t there within 15 minutes of our reservation they would give our table away. Having experienced their demography, I can understand why they need to educate their clients but, as I said at the start, gentility and civility are not served here.

Dale and I will not return.

Doug Anderson


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  1. We went on a Sunday evening with the Trosts, before seeing Maestro, to a much calmer place (although there was a big party downstairs). The food was terrific, the service equally good. The prices are high, more like Milos than Avra on 48th, but we will go back – just not at peak Saturday.

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