Ballet Flamenco Sara Baras


Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 4.24.50 PMWe love Flamenco and follow the trends as they move to modernity. Sara Baras may be the most modern yet with her fashionable dresses for the women, choreography that taps and turns faster and makes more dynamic patterns on stage. Her program is performed in an almost two-hour series of “Voces” (the voice that strives to be the echo, according to Santana de Yepes). There is the requisite amount of swirling, stamping and bravado, but somehow the sincerity of it all shines through every gesture. In one startling piece, Sara alone dances in black shirt and pants; no swirling here, just heartfelt motion with not a superfluous step.

Everything one hopes for in Flamenco is exhibited here intensely and honestly…and with great joy…for the performers as well as the audience.

Barbara Tober


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