Beauty and The Beast



We are currently in Palm Beach with almost no decent movie choices, but will be returning to New York for a week of theater. When Dale suggested that we see “Beauty and the Beast,” I protested. My protestations were confirmed when I checked Rotten Tomatoes and saw that there were 243 professional reviews and the average was 71. That said, there were 62,000 user reviews and the average was 86… so I agreed to go.

Now that we’ve seen the film, I agree with the dozen or so professional reviewers whose intellectual take seems right to me. There are whole segments of this film that should have been left on the cutting-room floor (I guess that’s now just an expression). That said, we loved that this film kept us engaged from start to finish. Beautifully made, beautifully performed and a happy ending can be just what the doctor ordered at the end of the day… even without children or grandchildren.

Doug Anderson



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