Becoming Warren Buffett

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

HBO has just released a 90-minute documentary about Warren Buffett that has more personal information than I’ve really found in the many books I’ve read about him. They were able to have him, Munger, his children, Bill and Melinda Gates all speak about him with deep knowledge and affection. And they discuss his relationships with the two women in his life, Susan and Astrid. It’s hard not to realize what a one-off human being he is. It’s available on demand and HBOGO. Worth the hour-and-a-half.

Howard Morgan

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  1. Agree — a fascinating portrait of a man with many quirks. The investment stuff is also interesting and you will learn why he invests in companies with moats around them (don’t ask me to explain), but the Buffet who read investment books as a teen and who eats McDonalds take- out every morning is the reason to watch.
    Lois Horgan

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