billionsLast night, I saw a well publicized new show on TV, “Billions,” which stars Damian Lewis, whom I’ve fucking adored since he debuted in the “The Forsyte Saga.”

Lewis portrays a self-made hedge fund manager, brilliant and macho. His nemesis is Paul Giamatti, a U.S. attorney whose goal is to see Lewis fucked, and connives to do just that.

Also in the show is a cast of unique characters who are not fucking around. The last scene of the first episode has Giamatti on his back with his artful psychologist wife’s stiletto boot pinning down his chest. The fuck!

Immediately following an episode of “Downtown Abbey,” the introductory hour to “Billions” posed a marked change in pace and vocabulary.

I was OK with the script’s use of prepositions and conjunctions, but adjectives, verbs, and adverbs were all forms of the word “fuck.”

I will return to “Billions” because there is too much talent involved to ignore; the sets are terrific, capitalism is currently chic, and the characters are alluring.

My hope is that the writers settle down and realize that they can produce a racy script without complete dependence on one little word.

Walda Besthoff

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  1. Agreed, Walda……..and I was only lukewarm on the show that seems to be about SAC. I’ll watch again and wait to have a real opinion. Meanwhile, it’s set to “record” each week.

  2. Knowing Steve Cohen as I do, I’d say the Damian Lewis character is much more a mixture of both rougher and smoother hedge fund guys. I like the fact the right now, the DA seems more of a villain than the hedge fund. And while I agree on language, anyone who has ever been around those trading desks knows it mostly rings true, if offensive.

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