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It’s Ben Mendelsohn’s show, no doubt about that. Don’t know Mr. Mendelsohn? Watch the 13 episodes of this family saga of the wealthy Florida Keys Rayburn family and you will observe a masterful performance by this consummate actor previously unknown to me. From Netflix and the producers of “Damages,” “Bloodline,” with frequent use of flashbacks with tantalizing clues, chronicles the intertwined lives of father Rayburn (Sam Shepard), mother Rayburn (Sissy Spacek) and five children over multiple generations. The action clearly is centered around rogue brother Danny (Mendelsohn) who decides, after years away, to come back to the family compound where he is embraced by “Mama,” much to the chagrin of his siblings. If you binge watch the 12 episodes, as we did, you may wonder why you’re spending so much concentrated time watching the family squabbles, but if you stick with it, you will be rewarded, not only by Mendelsohn’s performance (all you need to do is watch his facial expressions), but how this part of the tale of the Rayburn family is skillfully concluded.

J. Ronald Trost


2 Responses to “Bloodline”

  1. I tried episode #1 and though well done, I decided to take a break from yet another program about dysfunctional families.

  2. I did binge-watch Bloodline. It is dark just below the surface, which it the most unsettling way to tell a story. A troubling, but addictive saga of a family that should have been oh so normal…

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