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“Borgen” was the winner of the Best International TV Series Awards at the 2012 British Academy Television Awards. It is political drama set in Denmark and explores the high-stakes in the world of Danish politics. Every segment is of interest.

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Posted: 02/04/14 by Lois Horgan

I have become hooked on this Danish television series that I’m watching on DVDs. Borgen means castle, and refers to the seat of government. The series features a prime minister and her difficulties in leading a multi-party coalition and trying to have a family life. The lead and supporting actors are portrayed as complicated and believable people in a real world, and the issues they face are familiar to us here —- war, the press, immigration, crime, renditions, etc. And it is beautifully filmed.

“Borgen” is so multi-layered it makes “The West Wing” look like kindergarten. I have read that long TV dramas are supplanting long novels as our most compelling fiction, and after plowing through “The Goldfinch,” I am ready to agree.


Doug Anderson: February 7th, 2014 at 11:20 am

Sounds terrific, Lois. I tried to stream it using Netflix and one cannot. Is there a way to find Borgen short of buying the DVDs on


Lois Horgan: February 7th, 2014 at 11:50 am

Doug: I got them on dvds from Amazon — don’t know of any other way.

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  1. Ben and I watched this series…we became addicted to it…at its conclusion, I had a better understanding of how parliamentary governments work…at times it seems a better form than our democracy.

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