A Streetcar Named Desire — The Scottish Ballet

Not many full-length classical ballets include the movie-type disclaimer “Recommended for mature audiences.” However, the new, original Scottish Ballet, “A Streetcar Named Desire,” may ignite a movement. It is truly as reviewed “gritty and at times shocking.” It is …Read More

Broadway and Beyond

Every year, Alex Dubé, the impresario of Career Transition for Dancers, puts on a show at City Center benefiting this important charity which advises and assists dancers who have passed their pirouetting prime to find a career that more appropriately …Read More

William Forsythe Dance Company at BAM

In my opinion, Bill Forsythe is one of the world’s greatest, if not the greatest, living choreographers. No one can push the limits of dance the way he does. His company, which now resides in Germany, had this season’s debut …Read More

Fall For Dance Festival

At the New York City Center theater. The Festival began on September 25 and winds up October 5. We went half a dozen times. Some people go every night. The festival is the brainchild of the amazing Artistic Director and …Read More

New York City Ballet Opening

Opening night is always an adventure. One glimpses what the season will be about, how it will evolve, what will be emphasized. This year, contemporary music and fashion were the highlights on opening night, including Prabal Gurung, Iris Van Herpen, …Read More

Astaire & Powell, Hope & Cagney

What is one to do when the temperature is in the 90s and the humidity is not far behind? When the world news is so depressing it’s hard to read the papers? And when movies for grown-ups are still months …Read More

Sleeping Beauty at ABT

“Sleeping Beauty” is (maybe a little long, but) enchanting, a fable, a fairy tale that sweeps you away as you watch these airy creatures rise above the stage in leaps, pirouettes, graceful lifts and multiple turns that defy the brain, …Read More

Swan Lake

Scene from Swan Lake The old “snooze” has woken up with renewed vigor and beauty, intensely energized choreography and sets that are moving more ways than one.  The talent behind the dancers has come to the fore and we recognize …Read More

Diaghilev And The Ballets Russes, 1909–1929: When Art Danced with Music

What do you get if you mix astonishing aesthetic courage, extraordinary taste, and great gobs of money? Serge Diaghilev and all that he wrought, that’s what. If you find yourself in Washington, D.C., between now and Labor Day, don’t miss …Read More

American Ballet Theatre: Don Quixote

 I don’t care if some of the critics have their backs up about the athleticism of that extraordinary pair: Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev.  They are fantastic to watch.  Their leaps of joy, their expertise, their abilities alone and as …Read More

The New York City Ballet

The NYCB offers a compelling and beautiful evening of Balanchine classics, punched with the austere yet riveting “Red Angels” choreographed by Ulysses Dove. While most have seen the Balanchine classics over the years, it continues to astonish and delight in …Read More

First Position

We’ve seen two theatrical shows in the last week – one musical (“On Your Toes”) and one drama (“Nikolai and the Others”) — that have featured ballet segments. These reminded us of the wonderful documentary we watched a few months …Read More

Shen Wei Dance Arts: Fair Winds and Following Seas

This Chinese choreographer acclaimed for his role in the Opening Ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics leads his eponymous dance company with mystical force.  Lean, tall, with an angelic face, he has won everything from a MacArthur “Genius’ Award to …Read More

Harvey Lichtenstein

On February 20, Harvey Lichtenstein was honored at the Mayor’s Awards for Art and Culture. It was thrilling to see the much deserved adulation for Harvey, who is an example of someone who has made an incredible difference in the …Read More