Virtual Dinner Party On Hiatus Until September

Dear Guests of the Virtual Dinner Party, For the next few months, I’ll be completely occupied in getting the inaugural KentPresents ideas festival to come off without a hitch. Opening the afternoon of Thursday, August 13, in Kent, Conn., and …Read More


What follows is not a review. Seizing the prerogative of a host, I offer you instead a preview. The preview is of a new ideas festival, KentPresents, scheduled to take place August 13th-15th in Kent, Connecticut. Many of you already …Read More

Pecha Kucha

Several years ago a cartoon in The New Yorker showed a stern St. Peter at the Pearly Gates pronouncing thunderous judgment on a smarmy-looking supplicant with briefcase and portfolio, “..and I sentence you to one-thousand years of PowerPoint!” At last surcease is …Read More

5 X 15

At the Players Club, Gramercy Park. The club is in itself a marvel of glorious kitschy paintings of long-ago thespians, and acres of mahogany and potted plants. The event, entitled 5 x 15, is patterned after a British show in which five …Read More


I, like many of you, were very fortunate over this past month.  I was out of the country when Sandy stopped by for a visit.  I live on the UES, so my apartment turned into a B&B for friends who …Read More