Letter From Paris

The trip was mostly a tribute to Monet because the destination was GIVERNY. We had also submitted the name and the work of an Italian artist we knew who lived in London and did lyrical, surreal floral paintings to their …Read More

A Few Days in Paris

I got back from a few days in Paris and here are a few things I recommend. The Hôtel d’Aubusson is a charming five-star small hotel on the Left Bank. Truly wonderful. Service impeccable. They got us tickets and reservations …Read More

The Lowell Hotel and Restaurant, Majorelle

A beautiful woman in the fullness of time can benefit from a bit of botox, filler, or even a nip and tuck. The Lowell Hotel was a case in point, and she has now had a very sensitive and time-appropriate …Read More

A Visit to NYC

Reporting on NY through the eyes of our seven year old grandson. He says: The carriage ride through Central Park was fun and the white horse was friendly. I patted his nose. The carriage was new and clean and man …Read More

Franschhoek Motor Museum

Alongside all the delicious food and wine, and gorgeous views, in the Cape Winelands in South Africa, you could add in a little motoring culture to your visit. Situated in the midst of a gorgeous estate is the Franschhoek Motor …Read More

Letter from Stellenbosch

      Some notes from our trip to South Africa’s wine country: *Uva Mira winery, in Stellenbosch, South Africa: this is a gem of a winery to visit in the Cape Winelands. Their wines are not well-known (and not …Read More

Hôtel Ritz Paris

Everyone has a favorite hotel in Paris. We did, too, until we stayed at the very recently renovated Ritz Hotel. The location of the Ritz Hotel is wonderful, situated in the middle of the grand Place Vendôme. As you drive …Read More

Bellagio Hotel

Not knowing what to get Dale for her birthday, I invited her to the Bellagio for three nights on “a date.” Dale loves the Bellagio, and we go for a few nights every three or four years. Our son tells …Read More


Just a little report on that garden paradise called Cuba, 90 miles off the coast of Florida. First let me explain the reason for this trip, which was not sun and sand, but more of a fact-finding mission. My husband …Read More

The Second Avenue Subway

They’ve done a lousy job marketing the new subway on the East Side. Sure, there is interesting art in the stations, but that’s not why we take subways. Most of the news was about three new stations – at 96th …Read More

Tenement Museum

The Tenement Museum tour we chose (of the five available) sure sounded inviting: Shop Life. Set in the 1870s, Lower East Side, Manhattan. “View the restored apartments of past residents from different time periods. Family-run stores filled the lower level …Read More

The Center for Civil and Human Rights

I visited The Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta. Its purpose is to educate visitors about the rich history of the civil rights movement across the US while helping them connect lessons of the past to the present-day …Read More

Letter from Iceland

SLIPPING ON THE ICELAND … Adventures in the Land of the Vikings “I’m a rambling wreck from Reykjavik The future’s very clear We must do this and we should do that But disaster is so near” (To the music of …Read More

Letter from Paris

If summer travels take your Paris, at the top of your list should be the new 2,400-seat Philharmonie de Paris building in the Parc de la Villette (19th arrondissement), opened earlier this year (architect’s rendering, below). The park was designed …Read More

Dover Street Market

There may be some of you who are heading here for the Silly Season: the Royal Ascot, the Chelsea Flower Show, the opening of the Royal Academy Summer Show, private parties whatever the weather in the Physic Gardens…etc,. And you …Read More

German Gymnasium

This huge freestanding building across the street from the renewed St. Pancras station and in the heart of what was the King’s Cross Red Light District, is an architectural oddity. It was London’ s first purpose-built gym and hosted many …Read More

Park Chinois

For any of you who are venturing to London this spring for the Silly Season it might be worthwhile to book now for the ultimate Chinoiserie experience in Mayfair at Park Chinois. I say Chinoiserie because our Western expectations of …Read More

The Art

We were just at the Denver Art Museum (Daniel Libeskind) and the Clyfford Still Museum (Brad Cloepfil) when we were told about The Art. The Art is a hotel in Denver that’s just around the corner and owned by a …Read More

Shopping (Bulgari) and Dining (Quattro Passi) in Mayfair

I am reporting from London this week on the Grand opening of the new Bulgari Showroom on Bond Street. As London is a destination for shopping, it is always good when there is a brand new boutique of interest. London …Read More


This last warmish Sunday, we ventured over the Brooklyn Bridge to DUMBO (official translation, Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). This transitional neighborhood is a haven for millennials and their families – endless couples with children and dogs and where …Read More

Letter from London: A Little of Everything

A week in London is simply just not enough time to take in the cultural offerings that emerge so numerous each season, you have to wonder that if every institution had the marketing budget of the Tate, if there would …Read More

Wimberly, Texas’ Boot Whisperer

I think the thing city lovers really look for in small towns is the small piece of the place that reminds them of a city….that one good gallery, or artisan jeweler with a flare, or the exposed wood-decor, farm to …Read More

Letter from London

We’ve been in London for almost a week and have attended four exhibits and two theatrical productions well that are worth noting if you are in London anytime in the near future. Royal Academy The Royal Academy has mounted “Rubens …Read More

Letter from New York During a Very Cold Winter…

  Everyone wants to escape to warmer climes when the weather is cold, and often for good reason, but we, who have gone skiing every year since we’re married, don’t mind the cold. Bundling up has its own charm, and …Read More

The Tryall Club

  We’re on our way back from Montego Bay, Jamaica, after ducking Storm Juno. Jamaica equals Guaranteed Sunshine. And The Tryall Club works for us — world-class golf (breath-taking views of the Caribbean, former site of the Johnny Walker Open), …Read More

Tanzania Safari

  In December we took another amazing trip to Africa, this time to Tanzania, with our daughter Filippa and her husband Mark. And this trip topped them all. We stayed in three camps, starting with the most rugged and ending …Read More

Palm Beach Steakhouses and Grills

  Yet another new steakhouse opened in Palm Beach this year, “The Meat Market,” with all the glitz of a New York garmento ’50s restaurant and bar that expects a scene more appropriate to Miami Beach than to Palm Beach. …Read More

Moro at the Exmouth Market, London

My choice for a favorite informal birthday lunch or dinner during our early December trips to London has always been Moro at the Exmouth Market, an easy 15-minute walk from West End theatre-going accommodations. (Reservations for both are essential.) Owner-chefs …Read More

Letter from London

On a recent trip to London, I was overwhelmed by the art I saw, both old and very new. I’ll only mention two exhibitions of the many I saw and loved. Richard Tuttle worked with his crew for six weeks …Read More

Letter from Spain

Continuing on from Paris and our fabulous Lunch at Spring, we head to Bilbao. We arrive just after sunset, but with still enough light to appreciate the scenery. It is quite a sight to emerge through the tunnel onto a …Read More

Letter from Copenhagen

From the old hot new foodie center of the past 15 years (northern Spain) to the new hot new foodie center: Copenhagen. Despite advanced planning and some serious connection pulling, I was unable to land a reservation at “THE” restaurant: …Read More

Letter from Berlin

Pauly Saal Berlin is not yet a “foodie” city, but there are good meals to be had. One of those is Pauly Saal. Located in old 1928 building that once was a Jewish girl’s school, Pauly Saal delivers a really …Read More

Letter from Paris

Despite the best “striking” efforts of the Air France pilots to mess with our trip, we managed to find alternate routes to get to Paris. We arrive late Friday morning, drop the bags at the hotel and hoof it to …Read More

Veyerier du Lac

  Two stars have risen in the East, of France, and we ought to have brought frankincense and myrrh with us. These were the two Michelin stars that were awarded to the very young chef, Yoann Conte, who replaced the …Read More

Stone Barns Agricultural Fair — Harvest Fest

For the past two years we have taken my three year old grandson to this fun family event. It is special because children learn about farm life, they feed turkeys, collect eggs, feed the pigs etc. During the hay ride a …Read More