KentPresents in 13 Minutes

With the holidays just ahead, you may find yourself craving intellectual and cultural stimulation to help offset the post-prandial sloth that afflicts many of us on Thanksgiving. If that’s the case, and you’d like to feel you’ve done something productive, …Read More

Jackie Mason at The Oxford Union

Anglophile members of The VDP are aware that The Oxford Union is the world’s most famous debating society, which invites a wide range of speakers to Oxford University. People honored by the Union over the years include the Dalai Lama, …Read More

Demystifying Energy

Scott Tinker and Stewart Brand (not pictured) discuss the innovations in sustainable energy and answer some questions about this complex field.   Presented at KentPresents 2015 by Stewart Brand – Founder, Whole Earth Catalog Scott Tinker – State Geologist of Texas …Read More

Sex in America

Husband and wife, Judith Shulevitz and Nick Lemann, talk about the way our society deals with sex today. Including a discussion about sexual assault on college campuses.   Presented at KentPresents 2015 by Nick Lemann – Writer and columnist Judith Shulevitz – …Read More

Empowering the Patient: Prospects of Personalized Medicine

New breakthroughs are being made in the field of personalized medicine, our panelists Frances Arnold (left), Dan Kevles (center) and Scott Fraser (right) talk about how genomics, technology, chemistry and biology are currently coming together to change the way we …Read More

State of Play(s): The Future of Theater

Moderator David Benedict sits with theatre professional Ted Chapin, Richard Maltby Jr., and Jack Viertel to discuss the state of contemporary theater and what’s ahead in the future.   Presented at KentPresents by David Benedict – Author, writing the authorized biography of …Read More

Election 2016: Issues That Will Dominate

Back in August we held a panel to discuss what issues would be dominating the Presidential election this year. Check in to see what panelists Janet Gornick, Michael Kramer (center) and Nick Lemann (right) predicted.   Presented at KentPresents 2015 by …Read More

Automobiles: Disruption Ahead!

Tesla’s JB Straubel and Hyundai’s Gilbert Castillo are joined by moderator Alex Taylor to discuss new innovations automotive technology. Presented at KentPresents 2015 by Gilbert Castillo – Senior Group Manager of Advanced Vehicle Strategy, Hyundai JB Straubel – Co-founder, Tesla …Read More

Lewis Lapham: The World in Time

Former editor of Harper’s Magazine and founder and editor of Lapham’s Quarterly, Lewis Lapham is a magazine world legend; here he is interviewed by Nick Lemann.   Presented at KentPresents 2015 by Lewis Lapham – Founder and editor, Lapham’s Quarterly Nick …Read More

GMOs: Dangerous, or Panacea?

Corby Kummer (left) and Stewart Brand (right) discuss the debate on GMOs, or genetically modified organisms. Are they dangerous to our health, or are they a safe, environmentally friendly alternative?   Presented at KentPresents 2015 by Stewart Brand – Founder, Whole …Read More

Pompeii Animation for the Melbourne Museum

For those who have visited Pompeii, you might enjoy this 8-minute animation made for the Melbourne Museum, which recreates the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and the destruction of Pompeii. Be sure to watch full-screen. History Buffs will be fascinated. Not …Read More

Preserving Our Cultural Heritage

Cultural landmarks are disappearing for a variety of reasons. Our panel featuring Judith Dobrzynski, Adam Lowe and Bonnie Burnham (not pictured) talk about what is being done to protect and rebuild some of these unique landmarks.   Presented at KentPresents 2015 …Read More

Morris Vs. Buckley: The Gipper vs. The Veep

Edmund Morris and Christopher Buckley, acclaimed writers and long-time friends, are known for the verbal sparring. Frank Delaney (not pictured) moderates a light hearted debate between the two. Presented at KentPresents 2015 by Christopher Buckley – Author and humorist Frank …Read More

Can Technology Save Us?

New technologies are emerging all the time, and some of the best hold big promises for our future. How big? Our panelists Carlos Riva, Adam Lowe and moderator Jim Fruchterman (not pictured) discuss what developments in their respective fields could …Read More

21st Century Art Museums: Better or Worse?

Judith Dobrzynski moderates a panel of museum and art professionals, including Susan Taylor, Jerry Saltz and Richard Olcott, to discuss the merits and drawbacks of the modern museum. Presented atKentPresents 2015 by Judith Dobrzynski – Journalist Richard Olcott – Design …Read More

Understanding Islamic Extremism

Joshua Landis, Chase Robinson and moderator Michael Kramer parse out the facts of Islamic extremism and ISIS. Presented at KentPresents 2015 by: Michael Kramer – Playwright and journalist Joshua Landis – Director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the …Read More

Disruptive Technologies II

In part two of the disruptive technology panels Howard Morgan, Steven Koonin, Scott Tinker are joined by moderator Michael Moritz to discuss another set of groundbreaking technologies.   Presented at KentPresents 2015 by Steve Koonin – Director, NYU’s Center for Urban …Read More

Rating Presidents

Ed Rollins, Paul Krugman, Dan Kevles, David Nasaw and Jay Kriegel discuss the legacies of Presidents Ronald Reagan and Lyndon B. Johnson.   Presented at KentPresents 2015 by Dan Kevles – Author Jay Kriegel – Senior Adviser, Related Companies Paul Krugman …Read More

Cancer: Research, Prevention & Treatment

Former Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center directors Paul Marks and Harold Varmus discuss the current state of cancer research and new ways of treating and preventing the disease.   Presented at KentPresents 2015 by Paul Marks – President Emeritus, Sloan Kettering …Read More

New Art: What Makes A Generation?

Chris Lew moderates a discussion with two groundbreaking contemporary artists Rachel Rose and Xaviera Simmons on their work and the emerging generation of new artists. Presented at KentPresents 2015 by Chris Lew – Associate Curator, The Whitney Museum Rachel Rose …Read More

Time in the Age of Information

André Aciman and Judith Shulevitz deliver an intriguing discussion on communication and aging in today’s era of modern information technology. Presented at KentPresents 2015 by André Aciman – Writer and columnist Judith Shulevitz – Writer and columnist

Disruptive Technology 1

Panelists Bill Gross, Scott Fraser, Steve Koonin and JB Straubel and moderator Jim Fruchterman (not pictured) participate in this exciting panel about new technologies. Presented at KentPresents 2015 by Scott Fraser – Director of Science Initiatives, USC Jim Fruchterman – …Read More

The Arts and Crafts of Biography

Frank Delaney moderates this panel featuring James Atlas, Sylvia Jukes Morris and David Nasaw on their works within the compelling non-fiction genre of biographies.   Presented at KentPresents 2015 by James Atlas – Biographer of Belmore Schwartz Frank Delaney – BBC …Read More

Far from the Tree: Parents, Children & Identity

Andrew Solomon is interviewed by Judith Shulevitz about different families and raising unique children.   Presented at KentPresents 2015 by Judith Shulevitz – Journalist Andrew Solomon – Author, Winner of the National Book Award

Duchamp & Picasso: Two Men and a Bicycle

Francis Naumann (seated) and Pepe Karmel (standing) participate in a debate moderating by Jerry Saltz (center) on the merits of two great artists: Pablo Picasso and Marcel Duchamp. Presented at KentPresents 2015 by Pepe Karmel – Professor of Art History, …Read More

How the Supreme Court is Changing America

Michael Kramer (far right) moderates a discussion with James Zirin (left) and Jeffrey Toobin (center) on the monumental Supreme Court decisions in recent history and there effects on the country. Presented at KentPresents 2015 by Michael Kramer – Journalist and …Read More

Income Inequality: Consequences and Solutions

Janet Gornick moderates Paul Krugman, Darren Walker and Steven Pearlstein as they discuss the issues surrounding the problem on income inequality.   Presented at KentPresents 2015 by Janet Gornick – Professor, CUNY Paul Krugman – Nobel Prize winning economist Steven …Read More

Evolution: Recreating the Past, Exploring the Future

Scott Fraser moderates this discussion with Frances Arnold and Stewart Brand on applying breakthroughs in the field of evolutionary science to other scientific areas.   Presented at KentPresents 2015 by Frances Arnold – Professor, Caltech Stewart Brand – Founder, “Whole …Read More

If I Loved You…The Anatomy of a Musical Scene

Broadway directors Ted Chapin, Richard Maltby, Jr. and Jack Viertel deconstruct a performance of “The Bench Scene” from “Carousel, regarded as one of the classic scenes in musical history. Presented at KentPresents 2015 by Ted Chapin – President, Rodgers and …Read More

World Economic Outlook

Nobel Laureate economist Paul Krugman is interviewed by Steven Pearlstein covering the state of today’s world economy.   Presented at KentPresents 2015 by: Paul Krugman – Nobel winning economist Steven Pearlstein – Washington Post columnist  

World Order

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, interviewed by Christopher Buckley about the current state of global affairs. Presented at KentPresents 2015 by Christopher Buckley – Novelist and Humorist Henry Kissinger – Former Secretary of State  

Cybersecurity, Cyberwar and Surveillance

Joe Nocera, David Sanger and James Hoge discuss cyber threats and safety. Presented at KentPresents 2015 by James Hoge – Senior Advisor at Teneo Intelligence Joe Nocera – Columnist for The New York Times David Sanger – National Security Corespondent for …Read More

Guns in America

Gun violence, a growing issue in America, debated by Ed Rollins and Joe Nocera, and moderated by Jane Whitney. Presented at KentPresents 2015 by Joe Nocera – Columnist for The New York Times Ed Rollins – Senior Advisor at Teneo …Read More

Election 2016: Assessing the Field

Leaders in political commentary Ed Rollins, Charlie Cook and Jay Kriegel sit down to take at look at the presidential contenders for 2016. An informative and humorous discussion on what might be happening in the race for president this year. …Read More

The Big Blur: Are Museums, Galleries and Auction Houses Getting Too Cozy?

Dodie Kazanjian sits down with independent galleries Francis Naumann, Amy Cappellazzo of Art Agency, Partners and Michael Govan of LACMA  to talk about the blurring boundaries between their institutions. Presented at KentPresents 2015 by Amy Cappellazzo – Founder, Art Agency, …Read More