S for Sentence Website

If I may suggest a website to the literate folks who people the VDP, I can recommend S For Sentence. My friend the writer and teacher Pearl Abraham is the creator. Each week features an eloquent and/or powerful sentence from …Read More

Letter from a Wanderer

If one is busy traveling for a couple of weeks and doesn’t check in with the VDP’s weekly postings, one has quite a bit of catching up to do. I’ve just spent a wonderful, leisurely morning catching up with the …Read More

Farnam Street Blog

The Farnam Street Blog embodies the rich possibility that the Internet can provide to the ever-curious mind through the medium of an informative blog. The highly praised Shane Parrish, writer of the blog, gathers in one place thoughts from across …Read More

A vault of time-stopping photos organized by era, category, clusters. is a  UK-based website that is both elegant and busy, and you could lose the morning clicking around, but if you sign up you can wake up every day …Read More

Letters of Note   An archive of wonderful letters written by mostly famous people. Some favorites are Ted Hughes’s “Live like a Mighty River” and John Steinbeck’s “Nothing good gets away.’” But also Eudora Welty’s letter applying for a job at The New …Read More

Gorgeous Photos from the NYC Municipal Archive     -christine harper

The Electric Typewriter         For a daily dose of fabulous prose from writers including Adam Gopnik, Michael Chabon and Annie Dillard, check out this site.  -christine harper