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When I can, I try to watch Charlie Rose. In spite of the fact that Mr. Rose tends to interrupt just as someone is saying something interesting, he does bring to his TV program some fascinating interesting people. Some of his subjects are people I have never heard about. As an example, last night he interviewed Sebastian Thrun, who among other things founded Udacity. It was a true learning experience listening to this brilliant man talk about robotics, his online learning programs and other topics. His series on the brain is truly remarkable. There is so much bad TV it is good to have Mr. Rose. He casts a large net harvesting a variety of stimulating topics.

“Charlie Rose” airs in New York on PBS (channel thirteen), weekdays at 11am and repeats the following day on Bloomberg at 7pm and 10pm.

Gabriella De Ferrari


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  1. Good morning, Gabriella. I agree with you completely. He’s the grown up in the room. I record is program 5 nights/week and as I get up very early, it’s what I watch with my first cup of coffee each morning. Great way to start the day. Happy New Year.

  2. i watch every night as well, dispite the mentioned annoying interruping habit (and sporatically questionable fashion choices – the blue shoes the other night as well as the open cuff period during which he didn’t wear cuff links for months).

  3. We actually saw this same interview with Sebastian Thrun which impressed us…I guess with Charlie it is all about who he is interviewing as to how much one can tolerate his lack of Southern manners. Thrun was terrific…we need more of Thruns in the world.

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