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I am two episodes in to this Netflix miniseries that dedicates each episode to a different enigmatic and acclaimed chef. The production value is high, the content undeniably intriguing, and the food imagery so delectable I recommend only watching the program after eating a hearty meal.

Each episode not only covers what makes each chef so renowned, but also covers the biographical story and inspiration that brought each chef to their current relationship with food. From the dishes they reinvented to styles they defined, each story glistens with with passion. For food lovers is it a must watch. The other great aspect of the show is the amazing care that has gone into the production of each episode. Produced by David Gelb (the director behind “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”), the cinematography is wonderful, with much of the narration happening over footage at 3/4 speed.

The first episode features Massimo Bottura, the Italian chef behind the 3-star Michelin star restaurant, Osteria Francescana. It follows his relationship with molecular gastronomy and his American wife with a parallel storyline that is quite abnormal, yet very heartwarming. I skipped the second when I realized the third episode featured Argentine chef Francis Mallmann. For those unfamiliar with Mallmann, a Netflix subscription is worth this episode of television alone, as he is perhaps one of the most narcissistic and peculiar public personalities around. After eating at one of his restaurants, its safe to say his reputation as a great chef is deserved. (1884 in Mendoza, Argentina, rates high on the list of best meals of my life – from food to atmosphere and everything in between.) But some of his antics here are so astonishing, it’s amazing how he has managed to surround himself with so many friends and followers.

If you are looking for something to watch should we in New York happen to find ourselves snowed in this weekend, bump “Chef’s Table” up in your Netflix queue and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Shannon Thomas


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  1. For anyone that enjoyed this, the second series, is now available. Two episodes in and its just as captivating as ever!

  2. For any really big fans, they’ve just released a special series just about France, with the inventive title “Chef’s Table, France.”

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