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Herman Cornejo and Alessandra Ferri

Alessandra Ferri is one of the greatest ballerinas ever. She retired five years ago. But together with another great dancer, Herman Cornejo, she is back dancing at the Signature Theatre. This time they dance the role of the lovers in Martha Clarke’s adaptation of Colette’s novel, “Cheri.” Clarke is also the choreographer and director.

I became a fan of Martha Clarke many years ago when she choreographed the magical “Garden of Earthly Delights”; I have been waiting ever since for something equally great. But in spite of the superb dancing, “Cheri” was a huge disappointment. The choreography was pedestrian and repetitive. The stage seemed too small for the energy of the dancers, and the narrative (written by Tina Howe and performed by Amy Irving) was also trite and unnecessary. The best part of the evening was the music (Ravel, Debussy, et al.), performed on the stage by Sarah Rothenberg.

Gabriella de Ferrari

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