This is a film starring Anne Hathaway in a hairpiece that makes her look like a Pulli. Her overly toothy dazzling grin dominates the action. The plot of “Colossal” is punctuated by four letter words and arguments between the characters. Along the way a Japanese monster film intrudes and hundreds of young Koreans, digitally generated run screaming down a city street. In the meantime, the heroine sleeps sitting up on the floor or on a deflated air mattress and has a perpetual backache. She drinks. She never changes her clothes. Each actor’s character is a study in failure, but we never actually know why except that they live in a small town with moderately priced housing. There is no thread that pulls any of this together. In between the gratuitous violence and attempts at surrealism, there are long periods of WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?

There were four of us, and we all lost the thread and kept wondering, are we missing something important? Is this about the suburbs? Is this about Trump? Is this about advertising beer, since there seems to be a bottle in every scene? Should I gaze deeply upon my navel and come up with something significant?

This movie was made by adults for adults, but take my advice AVOID THIS like diptheria, unless you need to come out of the rain having lost the keys to your flat.

Kaaren Hale


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