In spite of its improbable “haute cuisine” aspirations, “Dawat” is an unpretentious and comfortable restaurant on East 58th street. Launched by Madhur Jaffrey (described on the “Dawat” website as an “internationally renowned cookbook author, actress and teacher”), the restaurant has a varied and easily understandable menu with enough dishes for the less adventurous. We particularly enjoy the baghari jingo (curried shrimp), saag gosht (lamb cubes in pureed spinach) and chicken tikka masala (roasted and in a creamy tomato sauce). The climax for us is the Jaffrey version of rice pudding, with sliced almond and pistachio, delicately perfumed with rosewater and cardamom.

Fred Rubinstein


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  1. We agree and have thought of Dawat as our neighborhood Indian restaurant for years. Sometimes, last night included, we “order in” and find their delivery service excellent. Last night, the part of deliveryman was played by one of the waiters…….well dressed, well groomed.

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