De Materie


So we went to see the sheep. “De Materie” (Matter in Dutch) is a very contemporary opera written in around 1990 by Heinrich Goebbels. In fact, it is not an opera in our sense of opera – singers interacting on a stage, but more symphony-like that at times features both single voices and a sort of chorus. It is hard for me to really comment on a piece that begins with 144 repeated chords, features small illuminated helium/drone blimps, a wild dance set, the text from an 17th-century Dutch ship building book, includes a Mondrian-based section, concludes with spoken comments from Marie Curie’s diary and most famously in the final section includes 100 sheep!

Individual performances, voices, dancing and orchestral were most impressive. I’d have to say we didn’t “get” it, we are not disappointed to have gone, but we would not go again. We are glad that by the time you read this it will have closed, foregoing your need to get tickets to see for yourself.

Martin McKerrow

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