Diana Krall in Concert


Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.17.59 PMMy husband and I had a disagreement regarding Diana Krall’s age. He put her in her late 30s, but given her bio, I felt she had to be older. At 52, she is a beautiful and extremely talented woman. I did not know she had produced an album for Barbra Streisand and was a music director/arranger for Paul McCartney. She created a jazz concert filled with work from both new songwriters and long-admired melodies. Her songs were interspersed with personal tidbits of her family, marriage to Elvis Costello and her twin sons. She played both the piano and electric piano, and her combo consisted of a bass player, drummer, guitarist (who used at least three, if not four guitars), another pianist with two types of keyboards, and a guitar-violin-Stroh violin musician, which I found fascinating. (In case you are wondering, a Stroh violin, is the trade name for horn-violin, which amplifies the sound through a metal resonator.) I loved the way the violin mimicked, enhanced and complemented Krall’s voice. You don’t often hear that in a jazz concert.

If she comes to town….go. Wallflower World Tour

Norna Klorfine


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