Dirty French

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The Torrisi brothers have done it again — great food with lots of imagination. The Trosts and Morgans headed down to Houston and Ludlow Streets last night to try the food at Dirty French, a Moroccan and New Orleans-influenced French bistro. It was a tough reservation but well worth it.

Before we ordered, they brought the delicious flatbread — along with a white cheese spread with olive oil. The tuna tartare came with a huge potato chip (plate-size), and was delicious. The foie gras came rolled in a thin crisp crêpe, and was also a treat. We had the trout amandine, which was as good as that at Galatoire’s in New Orleans, and an amazing lamb saddle. Finally, the very tart lemon meringue dessert was a perfect cap to the meal. As expected, it is a noisy place, and the bar gets the Ludlow Hotel crowd as the evening wears on, but we could still hear each other with only mild elevation of our voices. Try it, you’ll like it.

Howard Morgan

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Tuna Tartare with Potato Fish

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  1. Loud, boisterous and fun along with innovative and simply marvelous food. I also had the Rotisserie Pork Chop with what seemed to me a Moroccan accent. Howard neglected to mention that we had a second dessert, a fancy-named chocolate cake.One of the better new eaterys that MorganTrost has visited recently.

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