I love watching Huppert, even when she is making really horrible choices, which she seems to do often in the films she stars in (“The Piano Teacher” and “The Abuse of Weakness” come to mind). In “Elle” she plays a smart, capable, strong woman with a huge psychological vulnerability imposed upon her by her mass-murderer father. It’s an interesting story, and Huppert carries off the complicated persona of a this character in a brilliant and seamless way. She is Streepian in her postures, gestures and eye movements and the way her lips react to how her brain is processing information. I didn’t love the plot this time (“The Piano Teacher” is so much better) but I always love her work.

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Posted: 12/02/16 by Jerry Weissman

French sangfroid defined is the best way to describe Paul Verhoeven’s new film, “Elle,” starring Isabelle Huppert. The production and script have Ms. Huppert run quite a grueling gauntlet including rape, adultery, voyeurism, masturbation, trolling, a car crash, a childhood trauma, a dysfunctional family and to do it all with aloof aplomb. This may sound like a melodramatic potboiler, yet it is anything but. Mr. Verhoeven invests each scene with high tension (and sometimes black humor) and propels them forward with even more tension and suspense. It kept me on edge for all 130 minutes.

Don’t take my word for it, the film is France’s official entry for the 2017 Best Foreign Language Oscar and Ms. Huppert for Best Actress.


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