Escaped Alone



We had the good luck to attend Caryl Churchill’s play, “Escaped Alone” (originally produced at London’s Royal Court Theatre and brought here with the original cast) at BAM this past Saturday. We read Brantley’s review in the Times and reasoned, “What do we have to lose, it is less than an hour.” We’re very glad we went. This is an unusual play that is essentially four over 70-year-old British women sitting in a back yard talking about life and other stuff. As such it is interesting theater, but the play breaks away from chatting when Linda Basset appears alone on stage talking about a post apocalyptical world. Further, the garden chat is interrupted by three pretty astonishing soliloquies from each of the other three actresses Deborah Findlay, Kika Markham and Jane Watson. Comments about the play on BAM’s website are all over the place from “ripoff” to “we loved it.” In any case it is fine theater.

The play is clearly a commentary on modern life and much else — that you can interpret as you please. Not only is the play wonderful theater, the four actresses are in peak form. If you read this when Ben sends out the VDP, I think the play will have closed, but if you read it beforehand go — get orchestra tickets, the further forward the better.

Martin McKerrow


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