Fall For Dance Festival

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 4.58.20 PMAt the New York City Center theater. The Festival began on September 25 and winds up October 5. We went half a dozen times. Some people go every night. The festival is the brainchild of the amazing Artistic Director and CEO, Arlene Schuler, a former principal dancer at The Joffrey Ballet. All tickets are $15 and the audience is a melange of dance enthusiasts of all ages, from teenage students to seasoned New York dance enthusiasts. Every night features four very different performances by four very different dance companies. Each evening (usually) includes something classic, something modern and something from a foreign dance tradition. Even if you aren’t a dance fan you will start comparing, contrasting, ranking and identifying the things you enjoy more (or less) about dance. I strongly recommend a several-evening attendance schedule.

The performances begin mostly at 8:00PM and are usually over by about 9:45, so you can walk across the street to Circo’s (212-265-3636) for an excellent Italian dinner or 100 yards to the East on 55th Street for grilled fish at Milos (212-245-7400) and it still isn’t too late an evening. We usually go to Circo because we enjoy both the food and the very personable Venetian General Manager Bruno Dussin.

Bob Lovejoy

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