fences_filmAs it’s our custom to spend New Year’s Eve at the movies, we saw “Fences” in an empty theater last night. We think of it as our screening room. August Wilson’s writing is spectacular and expresses the African-American experience of the 1950s in a way only possible for someone who was immersed in it. Viola Davis, Stephen McKinley Henderson and Denzel Washington were up to the task of translating Wilson and the rest of the cast was pitch perfect. There will be Oscars here, methinks. As theater junkies, Dale and I kept saying that we’d have preferred the intimacy of the Broadway or Off Broadway stage to the big screen. That’s our only “criticism” of this fabulous production and these superb performances. You won’t walk out whistling a tune, but you will have a meaningful experience.

Doug Anderson


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  1. In my draft review I used the word “colored” as opposed to “African American” as that was common usage at the time.

  2. it felt too much like a filmed play for me to love fences as a movie.

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