Fifty Shades Darker



As always, it depends where you are and what your alternatives are.

Last night, Dale suggested that we see “Fifty Shades Darker.” Before buying tickets, I checked Rotten Tomatoes and was horrified to see that the professional reviews averaged 10%… we went anyway.

Jamie Doman who plays the part of Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson who plays the part of Anastasia Steele are pretty to look at and play their roles nicely. The writing and filming are just fine. “Fifty Shades Darker” is well made and entertaining.

In spite of horrible reviews, the theater was filled, and on the way out it was clear that everyone had enjoyed themselves.

I remember Eric Bentley’s lectures about theater for the tired businessman… had he been with us he’d have talked about movies for the masses. Last night we were members of the masses and had a perfectly good time, even though we didn’t have popcorn.

Doug Anderson



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