FJK Dance


There are just so many ways in which the body can move, and Fadi J. Khoury tests of all them to a fault.

As much as one can applaud the creative and often sexy choreography by Khoury, the well muscled and perfectly trained bodies that operate in precise coordination, each one of his offerings could have been cut by some 20%; one frankly just left out.

There is major repetition and a tendency to roll around the floor that is disconcerting. I did not see the “prowl” and the frozen arms described in the Times review, but the critic certainly got the boredom right. In the midst of such glorious talent, all we wanted was for the entire program to end!

This is an Iranian artist whose inspirations are derived from Bedouin folkloric and other Middle Eastern dances plus ballroom and jazz. My favorite was “Reflections,” which indeed seemed to be danced “under water.” It was drowning, however, from redundancy, so even this was tedious.

We attended the performance with a long time friend who is a Board member. She promised to write a “strong letter” with suggestions to the creator including “Fadi Khoury…Leave them wanting more.” We hope he listens!

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