Flamenco Festival 2016

FF_CARTEL2016_50X100_BAR1_visual_lowres_engWe were on the way to Dallas the nights that Farruquito performed at the Flamenco Festival 2016 at New York City Center. His accolades were already in bold print in the New York Times before he even touched down at the airport. Next year, for sure, we don’t want to miss him.

But many other exciting performers displayed their expertise, passion and ability to tap dance (yes, that is what this is, by and large), with such precision that the audience goes wild as the percussion escalates. Elegant body movements, exquisitely ruffled costumes, and lately more body-conscious, linear styles reverberate around the stage. The artfulness lies in the haughty attitude, the athletic force, the outrageous sexuality of the dance.

Rocio Molina, who choreographs and dances throughout, is spellbinding with her rat-ta-ta-tat repetitions and fierce motions throughout the stage – with or without partners.

The next night, Ballet Flamenco de Andalucia offered a more classic performance: a retrospective of 20 years of dance with a chorus of ruffled dancers (always glorious to watch), along with a few exciting male experts. One tall, lean and thrillingly facile man brought endless cheers from the audience as he stomped and spun with total grace and agility.

The evenings were rewarding and exciting but, there is nothing like going to a club in Madrid or Sevilla where the stage is postage stamp size and the dancers perform with staccato grace and passion – close up and personal.

Barbara Tober


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