Four Freedoms Park


If you haven’t been to the Four Freedoms Park and Memorial, it’s a must. The memorial is beautifully designed by Lewis Khan in the 1960’s. His masterpiece collected dust until the marvelous youngster, Bill Vanden Heuvel, took on the mission to get it done. Some 55 million dollars later, mostly from individual New Yorker contributions, the south end of Roosevelt Island is now graced with this treasure. With the gentle waters of the East River and the towering UN in the background, FDR’s Four Freedoms Park is a majestic sight. The park itself with the twin alleys of Linden treesmakes the stroll delightful. Yes you can drive there, but to experience it all, take the tram from East 59th Street to Roosevelt Island. From there, a leisurely 10 minute walk south and your there (and on the north side of the park you’ll find the burgeoning tech center of Cornell University to be completed before 2020). New York at its best. Enjoy it. For more information call (212) 204-8831. Opens 9AM. Closed on Tuesdays.

Barbara Georgescu

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