Four Seasons



We paid a sentimental visit to this great restaurant before it relocates elsewhere than its longtime, elegant home in the Seagram Building. In my business days, I was there every week or so. Now we go less often – I regret that. Alex and Julian may be packing for the move, but they have not taken their eye off the ball. If anything, they’ve raised their game. Sure, there’s a blank wall where the massive Picasso tapestry hung – it’s now at the NY Historical Society. But nothing else has changed. The long-time captains are still at their posts, and the new ones give fit in seamlessly. It was as good a meal as we remember…ever. The service was attentive, unobtrusive and professional. High ceilings and space between tables make for easy conversation and a wonderful experience.

(Editors note: The Four Seasons Restaurant closes in 128 days, or August 2, 2016).

Ken Roman


Four Seasons Grill Room 2

The Grill Room (above) and the bar.



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  1. Ken, we were there last night with two of our kids and their spouses. Over the many years we’ve celebrated a ton of family occasions in the Pool Room and spent part of the evening thinking about the part “place” plays in your life. The Four Seasons has been a part of my life since 1959…..the same year that PJ Clarke’s came into my life.

    Our experience was much like yours and the joint was jumpin. Shrimp Tempura is back on the menu and the duck is as good as ever.

    I was told that CLOSING DATE is July 16th so my suggestion is that those who want a last walk down memory lane call and get the correct last night. I guess this is sort of the other side of the prisoner getting his last meal.

    Alex & Julien weren’t there last night and we were told that they are working on a new space within three blocks. We were also told that there’s going to be an auction of all the things in the house.

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