Foyle’s War

foyles_avatarτηνελλα! The august VDP has finally condescended to review TV shows! Well, for those who are prepared to go beyond the Wires, the Cards, the Breakings, the Billions, and the Luthers, there is a very fine ITV series called “Foyle’s War,” which covers the years 1940 to 1945 more or less, set mostly in Hastings in southern England. The eponymous hero is a detective named Christopher Foyle, played by Michael Kitchen (a prominent London stage actor), and his co-star (his driver in the series) is a gal named (according to the credits) Honeysuckle Weeks, and both are excellent.

There is great charm in seeing all the men wearing hats, visiting the green Sussex countryside, and viewing the antique motorcars resurrected for the series; plus the variety of OIB (Only in Britain) faces and demeanors. Highly recommended.

Thomas Lemann


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  1. FOYLES WAR HAS BEEN MY UTTER FAVOURITE FOR YEARS. Totally absorbing and since I am now
    English by attrition, having been here most of my life, I recommend it entirely. The values, the clothes, the problems that the British faced on the Southern Coast in Hastings during WWII, the humility and feistiness of Mr. Foyle the local police chief. It is so good you somehow wish the war had never ended. Just kidding of course. The story lines are strong and sensible, everything from murder, rape, racism, incest, spying, profiteering, social unrest, and other intrigues. In addition, there is the post war/ cold war period where Foyle does his best for King and Country (Queen actually). It is deeply satisfying and deeply moving. It is not jingoistic. It is a marvellous combination of history and the ability to look back less in Anger than with understanding and a sense of loss.

  2. We binged this last year and absolutely loved it – you can now get all 9 seasons (of varying length). And the postwar forays into the intelligence world are equally brilliant. Michael Kitchen is such a superb actor, and Honeysuckle Weeks (what a name!) turns out to be an excellent foil for Foyle. Worth seeing.

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