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Dear Virtual Dinner Party Members,

We’ve noticed a phenomenon in recent years at (real) dinner parties. The once-frequent question of “What movie have you seen recently” is being displaced by “What TV series are you bingeing on?” What amazes us is not only is the quantity of these series increasing, but that so many are of such high quality.

Just this week, VDPers Howard Morgan and Shannon Thomas rave about “The Night Manager” and “Catastrophe,” respectively. We have yet to start the latter, but fully concur with Howard that – halfway through the six-part series — “The Night Manager” is terrific.

In February, we reviewed a favorite of ours, the Australian “A Place to Call Home” It’s intelligent writing that features a great ensemble led by the brilliant actress, Marta Dusseldorp. It will absolutely will keep you engaged throughout all 34 episodes.

We’d love to learn of TV series that you’ve enjoyed. Please share your experiences with all of us at the Virtual Dinner Party.


For the week ending Thursday, May 12, we posted 9 new reviews on the VDP:

The Night Manager

Lab Girl
The Lost Painting
The Perfume Collector
Underground in Berlin

The Thunder and the Hurricane

The Art
Human Interest


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Ben Rosen
Host, The Virtual Dinner Party

Shannon Thomas
Sous-Chef, The Virtual Dinner Party

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